Welcome to the universe of privacy.

Priverse is a platform built on the Navcoin blockchain, provides SDKs for blockchain developers and services for Web3 technologies.

NFT Marketplace

Private NFT Marketplace

With NFTs gaining traction, we're seeing such incredible creativity blossom from the minds of artists, and collectors fighting to get their hands on new timeless art pieces. However, public blockchains have shown to leak NFT metadata at large scale (e.g. ownership information) for everyone to see on block explorers. With Navcoin's private NFTs, there's no longer cause for concern.

Web3 & Metaverse

You can develop privacy focused Web3 or Metaverse games on the Navcoin blockchain with SDKs we have developed for popular game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine.

You can integrate Private NFT and Private Token features developed with Navcoin blsCT technology into your games with the developed SDKs.

Bootstrap Themes
Bootstrap Themes

Your wallet, your rules

You will need a wallet to join the world of Priverse.

You can use NEXT or Whisper Wallet for your Android and iOS devices.

You can also get the Navcoin Wallet Chrome Extension for dApps running on the browser.